Artist Spotlight / Downtempo/Minimal / Electronic

F.A.R.M. Fest Artist Spotlight #7: Bluetech


F.A.R.M. Music & Arts Festival has presented us with a beautifully eclectic 2014 lineup. From heart-lifting jam music, to deep bass rhythms, to soulful and progressive jamtronica, all the way down to psychedelic-encapsulated downtempo ambient noise, there’s plenty to be heard no matter your taste. This week we take at Bluetech. If you’re unfamiliar with this Hawaii-based producer- and let’s be honest, musician- then allow us to introduce you. An artistic mind is one of the most blessed things on this earth. It brings people joy, it inspires further creativity, and most of all, it challenges what you already know. Bluetech is constantly and consistently doing all of these things. His music takes “chill” to a whole new world of meaning, delving into deep, spacey psychedelic soundscapes. Each and every track is plucked free of any generic sound, instead finding solace in musical awareness that will take an unyielding approach to tugging on your heart strings.

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Bluetech – Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Bluetech – “Light Years from Home”

Abakus – “Cruise Control (Bluetech Remix)”

Bluetech – “Lost In an Imagined Labyrinth”

Bluetech – “Leaving Winter Behind”

Bluetech – “Mysterios Flambeau”

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