F.A.R.M. Fest Artist Spotlight #8: Marvel Years


by Kyle Taylor

We’ve featured a lot of great producers throughout our F.A.R.M. Fest artist spotlight series, but this week we’re giving a shout out to an up and comer that will surely be bringing the noise at F.A.R.M. Fest 2014. Cory Wythe (aka Marvel Years) is a producer and guitarist based out of Burlington, Vermont. He accompanied GRiZ on his 2013 Rebel Era Tour and put out a super funky remix for the Pretty Lights Color Map of the Sun Remixes album. Marvel Years just released two new tracks he’s been using in his sets since 2013- an original and a remix of Hilltop Hoods “The Nosebleed Section”- both of which reflect his grooved out electro soul and hip-hop perspective. The artist is a perfect example that its worth the time to take notice of some of the lesser known artists on the circuit. F.A.R.M. Fest is a clean lineup top to bottom, packed with incredible music all day, everyday. Sometimes that artist you didn’t even know could end up being one of your new favorite after seeing a live performance.

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Marvel Years – Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

[Phresh New Music!!] Marvel Years – “Whistle and Bump” — FREE Download!!

[Phresh New Music!!] Hilltop Hoods – “Nosebleed Section (Marvel Years Remix)” — FREE Download!!

Pretty Lights – “Where I’m Trying to Go (Marvel Years Remix)” — FREE Download!!

Marvel Years – “Get On It” (feat. Jay Fresh) — FREE Download!!

The Rolling Stones – “Gimme Shelter (Marvel Years Remix)” — FREE Download!!

Marvel Years – “On My Side” — FREE Download!!

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