Electronic / Trap

Zebbler Encanti Experience – Freakquency EP (FREE DL!!) [Psy-Trance//Bass]


by Kyle Taylor

I can always count on Encanti to deliver the most peculiar, yet entrancing noise to my eardrums. With the Zebbler Encanti Experience project, the now Boston based producer teams up with visual mastermind Peter Zebbler. Zebbler has collaborated with both EOTO and Shpongle to enhance their live shows. With Encanti providing the tunes and Zebbler showcasing visuals that could capture Ken Kessey’s heart, the Zebbler Encanti Experience boasts one of the most incredible live shows around today.

After releasing their Psychic Projections album on Gravitas Recordings last year, the duo has stayed strong with several remixes and singles, as well as a remix album of Psychic Projections– Altered Projections– on the same label. Before embarking on a US Tour, including last weekends Luna Light Music Festival and a special cruise show in Boston with support from Schlang– we got our first glimpse into what the duo had been working on in the studio lately. After a few premiers of new singles, the full Freakquency EP is ready to rear its head at the public. The new album seems to point speculation at a lot of electronic music, utilizing transitional methods in tracks to fuse together dance genres that would often not be associated with one another. The real mind-boggling part is that these transitions manage to occur seamlessly, and more importantly, effectively. Psy-trance into trap? If I was presented this idea without hearing it, I’d probably think, “no way that would work”. Yet, the Freakquency EP proves just the opposite. Dub, hip-hop, psy-trance, and plenty of other dance genres make into the mix across this epic new EP.

See full Summer 2014 tour dates for Zebbler Encanti Experience HERE.

Zebbler Encanti Experience Website // Soundcloud // Facebook

Encanti Website // Soundcloud //

Zebbler Website // Vimeo // Facebook // Twitter

Zebbler Encanti Experience – Freakquency EP FREE Download!!/Donate

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