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Mix Mondays feat. New Mixes from Tycho, Space Jesus, Midnight Tyrannosaurus & More (FREE DLs!!)

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by Kyle Taylor

The whole crew’s headed up to F.A.R.M. Fest later this week, which unfortunately means no posts Thursday through Sunday. However, we promise to make it up to you with loads of awesome new music between now and Wednesday. I feel like my job’s practically cut out for me though for this edition of Mix Mondays. Tons of producers have been putting out excellent new mixes this week, and a spectrum of artists at that, ranging from the ambient tones of Tycho to the glitch-hop crunk noise of Space Jesus and the deathly rackets of Midnight Tyrannosaurus.

Let’s kick things off with one of my current favorite producers out there right now: Scott Hansen, aka Tycho. California born and bred, Hansen has been leading a life full of artistic endeavors, whether its his visual project of Iso50 or his fully instrumentally sampled production alter ego, Tycho. For the past three years Tycho has been touring with a 3-piece band (which often utilizes Iso50 visuals), making a DJ set from Hansen more of a rarity. Over the weekend, he released just that, dropping a new “Dazed Mix” for Dazed Digital. The set is just about what you would probably expect, but it’s also everything you want. A few classics are interlaced in massive pockets of ambient noise and catchy beats from all corners of the earth.

Tycho Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Tycho – “Daze Mix” — Full Tracklist

Among the many amazing artists that were unfortunately unable to perform due to weather conditions at last weekend’s Hudson Project was Space Jesus. Originally from New Jersey, now located in New York, and having lived in Philadelphia, Jasha Tull (aka Space Jesus) we see here in the City of Brotherly Love quite often. As a result, I’ve become quite find of his dark, twisted beats. They’re pretty easy to come accustomed too, as each track boasts its own quality. To make up for the lost set, Space Jesus has provided us with a mix using the tracks he had for the set.

Space Jesus Soundcloud // Facebook  // Twitter

Space Jesus – “Hudson Prophet 2014 Mix” — Full Tracklist

If you’re unfamiliar with Midnight Tyrannosaurus, it shouldn’t be hard to decipher his sound from the name. Bringing the darkest and most destructive of bass tunes. The Florida producer recently received this new mix to kick off his new Mixasaurus series. He manages to string together tons of dark, rippling tracks and compress them into an hour long mix dripping with grime.

Midnight Tyrannosaurs Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Midnight Tyrannosaurus – “MIXASAURUS 2014” — Direct Download [FREE!!] // Alt. Link // Full Tracklist

This last one comes from a local up and coming DJ, Catastrophic Collision. From the outskirts of Philadelphia, Catastrophic Collision has an impressive perspective on twisting together funked out bassy tracks. He just dropped this new mini mix, which still pulls out an impressive amount of fresh glitch-hop, electro soul and hip-hop tunes.

Catastrophic Collision Soundcloud

Catastrophic Collision – “Back to Reality” (Mini Mix)

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