Festival Preview: Bella Terra 2014 (Full Lineup, 2013 Recap, Artist Previews & More!)



by Kyle Taylor

Bella Terra Festival – Website // Buy Tickets

It’s truly breath-taking to see all so many people hard at work in the Northeast, working to develop our festival scene. Through a multitude of incredible of events, and plenty of nourishment between one another, the past few years have given way to a surge of energy feeding into the arts community. Bella Terra Festival finds its home in beautiful Stephentown, New York, nestled just along the New York-Massachusetts border. The festival calls upon artists of all varieties, ranging from musicians, to painters, to 3-D sculptures, fire artists and more. In 2013, Bella Terra called upon an immense and staggering musical lineup, while also gracing its patrons with a brigade of versatile art installations. There is of course the added plus of a delectable diner located right on the festival grounds, so you can calm that gurgling stomach without breaking the bank. The little things make all the difference sometimes.

This year Bella Terra makes its return, and with a lineup that’s ready to do battle with anything the festival has put together in years past. Pulling musicians from all corners, whether it be location or sound, Bella Terra 2014 promises an audio experience like no other. The lineup calls upon the underground hip-hop group The Hieroglyphics, as well as the rising jam stars Conspirator and Papadosio, and the always energizing drummer & producer duo Break Science for its headliners. But the lineup only thickens as it delves into plenty of great glitch-hop and bass music- including Minnesota and Cheatcode– as well as some amazing jamtronica acts- Wobblesauce, D.V.S* and DrFameus to name a few. Still the lineup manages to scrape up some well-kept secrets that promise to take some crowds by storm, such as the vocal mastermind and beatbox aficionado, Honeycomb.

When your dancing are feeling a little weary, or your mind is just in need of some artistic expansion fueled by something other than music, Bella Terra still has plenty to offer you in your dancing down-time. Once again the festival promises this year to keep its patrons busy with various workshops, plenty of live artists, and some really twisted and weird giant puppets, which you’ll just have to see to believe.

Bella Terra Festival – Website // Buy Tickets

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Bella Terra 2013 Festival Recap — Video by Sara Crooks

Artist Previews:

Minnesota – “Thunderdome” (feat. G Jones) — FREE Download!! // More from Minnesota

Abakus – “Silent Geometry” — More from Abakus

DrFameus – “Dahlias” [Live in Richmond, VA] — More from DrFameus

Deejay Theory – “Carnaval” — More from Deejay Theory

D.V.S* – “Blame Me” — FREE Download!! // More from D.V.S*

Cheatcode – “They Schools” (Pink Floyd x Dead Prez) — FREE Download!! // More from Cheatcode

DJ Knowledge – “Evolution 101.7 Radio Mix” — FREE Download!! // More from DJ Knowledge

Wobblesauce – “Cloud Kicker” — More from Wobblesauce

Honeycomb – “The Payoff” (feat. Cheatcode) — FREE Download!! // More from Honeycomb

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