Electronic / Funk / Glitch-Hop/Electro Soul / Jam/Jamtronica / Jazz/Funk

R@S – The Human Element EP (FREE DL!!) [Glitch-Hop//Electro Soul]


by Kyle Taylor

Here’s a well-kept Philadelphia secret that I’d quite honestly like to see be perhaps a little bit less well-kept. R@S (pronounced Rats) is a producer and guitarist bringing the funky love to and from this beautifully funky city. With a style resonating inspiration from glitch-hop, electro soul, funk, jazz, and bass music generally, R@S keeps it fresh constantly. Their latest release, The Human Element EP, just hit the interweb and its once again loaded with groovy vibes. The beats are bouncy and ceaseless in their builds, carrying each track up and down progressions throughout their duration. The addition of some extra guitar layers only enhances this audio experience, lending a certain organic element to the noise that gives it its truly refined nature.

This new album is another great staple in the fight for local music appreciation and recognition. R@S proves once again that you don’t need to be a big name to pour out a quality sound that could easily go toe-to-toe with those very same names.

R@S Bandcamp

R@S – The Human Element EP FREE Download!!/Donate

Funkadelphia Picks: “Laid On Wax” & “Heads Without Hearts”

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