Electronic / Hip-Hop/Rap / Trap

Spankalicious – “Lumberjack” feat. Marco Pavé & Guttakick (FREE DL!!) [Trap//Bass]


We had one heck of a blast this past weekend up at FARMFest. A lot of things attributed to all the great times we had, but one factor remained ever present: Spankalicious. The midwest producer, and mind-blowing drummer, was kicking out the beats and the laughs all weekend. Delivering multiple performances on the Funky Town Stage, he kept the crowd at a constantly buzzing. While we were up there though, Spank managed to sneak out a new track.

Featuring the likes of two Memphis contributors, Marco Pavé and Guttakick, the track infuses smooth hip-hop elements with eerie organic instrumental samples. The result is a layered mist of audio psychedelia. It’s the perfect track to kick back to at the end of the end of the day and spark that guy you’ve been dreaming of for the past few hours.

Spankalicious Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Spankalicious (feat. Marco Pave & Guttakick) – “Lumberjack” — FREE Download!!

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