Glitch-Hop/Electro Soul / Hip-Hop/Rap

The Geek x Vrv – “Lazy Love” (FREE DL!!) [Hip-hop//Electrosoul]

The Geek x Vrv

By Josh LoFurno

With all the rain and thunder we’ve been seeing this summer, its hard to stay in that summer mood. However, the new single released by The Geek x Vrv, titled “Lazy Love”, is a great way to get back into that summer spirit. The old school hip-hop kick and snare over a soothing yet funky guitar riff, followed by an uplifting and cheery vocal sample is the perfect way to mentally escape to that secluded island in the caribbean that you’ve been dreaming about taking a vacation too all summer. It’s also not bad for ignoring all the drama of real life around you for just a few minutes.

This and many more of their tunes can be found for free on their Facebook page here! Just give them a like and the rest is self explanatory.

The Geek x Vrv – Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

The Geek x Vrv – “Lazy Love” — Free Download!



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