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Album Review: DeluXe – Pieces Left Behind (FREE DL!!) [Electro Soul//Future Funk]


by Kyle Boich

The word “deluxe” is defined in the dictionary as being the highest in quality, of special elegance, and sumptuousness. This definition easily goes hand in hand with Wayne Schultheis, better known as DeluXe. The Colorado native released a new album this past week, titled Pieces Left Behind. DeluXe was assisted by local artists Jasper Sezai Stone and Corey Steinki, together putting in countless hours over the past 6 months to provide our ears with some glitchy and funked out tunes.

Not only can this 8-track album finally be found on his soundcloud, but it also can be downloaded completely FREE of charge! Roughly a month ago, DeluXe released another free download for his remix of “Forever Lost”, originally by Pretty Lights. In all honesty, this was th first time I caught wind of him, and I am glad I did. His sound is rather unique and certainly pushing the envelope for electro soul.

From his bio, DeluXe has listed some musical inspiration and it comes as no surprise that the list consists of names like Pretty Lights, Gramatik and GRiZ. Thank to Finality MasteringPieces Left Behind gives off a high quality, crisp sound that is sure to make you get the funk down. After listening through the album a few times, the tracks “Retro Static” and “Finally Found” really stood out. Like static electricity, “Retro Static” will make your hair stand up, and the sampling gives off a vibe from the past. “Finally Found” is the closing track on the album and provides a more chilled out vibe backed by DeluXe’s phenomenal trumpet skills. If you the thought electro soul has been missing something, then DeluXe will surely provide the pieces that were left behind.

DeluXe Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

DeluXe – Pieces Left Behind — Direct Download [FREE!!] // Alt. Link

Funkadelphia Picks: “Finally Found” & “Retro Static”


Pretty Lights – “Forever Lost (DeluXe Remix)” — FREE Download!!

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