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Sugarpill – “Down” (FREE DL!!) + FREE Bonus! [Glitch-Hop//Bass]


Having too much music to listen to in a single day is always one of the best problems to have. That’s definitely the case for us over at Funkadelphia today.But with music coming at us from all parts of the world, and all corners of the music spectrum, there’s absolutely zero to complain about. West Coast deep bass mastermind Sugarpill is bringing his own flavor into the musical mix. With a heavy hip-hop influence that’s deeply infused into dance music sound design, Sugarpill is able to constantly deliver forward-thinking tracks. Today we have “Down”, a spacey hip-hop track with jumpy synthesizers. And of course it’s a FREE download.

Sugarpill Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Sugarpill – “Down” — FREE Download!!


Sugarpill also recently released another new track, “Pop This”. With a more laid-back feel and stronger hip-hop emphasis, this is the perfect partner to accompany “Down”.

Sugarpill – “Pop This” — FREE Download!!

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