Vibe Street Announces New “Keep On the Grass” EP & Album Artwork Contest

10565031_10202627851832628_6514208323236957226_n by Kyle Taylor

It’s been a great summer for Vibe Street. The grass-hop mad scientist made his way all across the country dishing out positive vibrations and funky basslines. With a steady arsenal of original production already at hand- including his last album, The Road to Something Perfect– Vibe Street’s sets during this summer’s performances still seemed to gather some serious momentum through a staggering amount of unreleased material. After blasting us with countless amazing sets this past weekend at F.A.R.M. Fest (seriously, there must have been at least 4 or 5), it’s back to the lab and on to the next great grass-hop surprise. So Vibe Street has officially announced he will be debuting his next release, the Keep On the Grass EP through Funkadelphia! The new EP will be released August 16th, so hear it here first.

In further support of this whole grassroots movement and ideology we’re constantly pushing, Vibe Street is running a contest for an independent artist to design the official cover for the Stay On the Grass EP. One winner will receive $50 plus a guestlist spot to a Vibe Street show of his or her choosing; AND two runner-ups will also receive guestlist spots to a Vibe Street show of their choice. The contest is running until August 15th, and ANYONE can enter! You can view the full details and submit your design HERE!

Vibe Street Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

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