Electronic / Future Bass / Glitch-Hop/Electro Soul / Hip-Hop/Rap / Trap

G Jones – Ring the Alarm EP (FREE DL!!) [Glitch-Hop//Bass]


by Kyle Taylor

It takes a good amount of effort from a producer to turn out a trap release that can still peak my interest. Yet G Jones seems to handle that task with ease every time he’s at work in the studio. With the new Ring the Alarm EP, he’s once again setting a standard electronic-based hip-hop production. In a genre that’s become cluttered with repetitive sounds, beats and rhythms, G Jones maintains a steady hand at keeping things fresh. He style wreaks of a love for bass music, and a higher energy approach. Yet the Santa Cruz manages to sneak a bit of creative originality into each and every track. A heavy sense of glitch inspiration also finds itself consistently present, culminating in a sound that pays homage to influences ranging from Brainfeeder to The Do Lab. Packed full of 9 tracks, the EP only garners momentum as it presses forward. Each beat fueled by strong bass undertones and steadily evolving drum patterns.

Released through Saturate Records, this is one release to feel truly blessed to have at the name your price option. And G Jones is hooking it up with a special 7″ vinyl version of the release.

G Jones Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

G Jones – Ring the Alarm EP FREE Download!!/Donate! // Buy 7″

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