Twin Shape – Biosynchronous EP [Psy-Dub//Ambient]


This is one of those releases that will suck you so far in that you might just find yourself lost among its layers of blissful ambiance. The artist known as Twin Shape just put out his second album, the Biosynchronous EP. With a deep and rhythmic feel, Twin Shape builds audio pathways that weave their way through organic instrumentation, as well as airy sound design. The electronic elements seem to find their way into the tracks very minimally at times, almost just lingering at the fringes of the song, as in “Returner”. Other times, the production work begins at a similar level, but garners more momentum for itself as the track continues. “Array of Light” eventually unleashes a synthesizer and bass-heavy focal point that overshadows its piano counterpart. No matter the route though, Twin Shape manages to create a twisting journey through noise in each moment. The EP can be heard now through Desert Dwellers label, Desert Trax.

Twin Shape Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Twin Shape – Biosynchronous EP Buy on Beatport // Buy on iTunes

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