Electronic / Glitch-Hop/Electro Soul / Jam/Jamtronica / Jazz/Funk

Blunt Force x SwAy x Funkstatik – “Where We’re Going” (FREE DL!!) [Glitch-Hop//Future Funk]


by Kyle Taylor

It’s not too often that a track such as this makes its way down the line to us. Each of the artists featured on this fresh new tune is already impressive in themselves. But put five musicians together on a single track, inputting their own inspirations and influences toward a single, funky objective, and you’ll end up with some music so freaked out that you won’t even be able to contain those dance spasms. Collectively pulling together five prooducers, two guitarists, two drummers, and a pianist, “Where We’re Going” might as well be a glitch-hop fan’s love affair. Three different projects from three completely different regions merge together on this new tune to turn your brain inside out with a compelling story of funky rhythms. Philos Records has put out some truly special releases since their immersion, but with surprises like this from their artists, the funk will surely never grow old.

Blunt Force Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

SwAy Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Funkstatik Soundcloud // Facebook

Blunt Force x SwAy x Funkstatik – “Where We’re Going” — FREE Download!!

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