Artist Spotlight

Bella Terra Artist Spotlight #1: Honeycomb


by Kyle Taylor

Sometimes it seems people can lose sight of just how limitless art can be. Music in particular, is a field where artists have the ability to reach in so many different directions and weld together whatever aspects seem most feasible. Perhaps a misunderstood style of music, or maybe just not as amply explored as other genres, beatboxing has undergone an incredible transformation over the years, evolving into an entire other monstrosity. The integration of loops and samples, as well as some tremendously talented vocal chords, can muster a performance to captivate the mind through quite a journey.

After witnessing the Massachusetts vocal mastermind, Honeycomb, at FARMFest this year, it was obvious that these types of musical vibrations deserve more recognition. It was also clear that this was one of the acts I’d have to catch while up at Bella Terra Festival this year, to get in a full serving of honey. Honeycomb exhibits an astoundingly wide vocal range, demonstrating a strong assortment of drum tempos and patterns. It’s nothing short of incredible how a single person is able to maintain such steady rhythms, while consistently improvising and building upon a progression of sound. Moreover, Honeycomb utilizes a broader spectrum of vocal noises ranges from rumbling bass noises, to bubbly drip sounds, and his own representation of scratches and cuts.

He appeared at the Funky Town Stage at FARMFest, he’s been featured on tracks with Liquid Stranger and Cheatcode (who will also be performing at Bella Terra this year!), and this year he finished in the top 16 for both the east coast and midwest beatbox battles.

Honeycomb Soundcloud // Facebook

Honeycomb & Cheatcode – “The Payoff” — FREE Download!!

Liquid Stranger – “Brace for Impact” (feat. Honeycomb Saratonin)

Honeycomb – “Freestyle Beatbox”

Honeycomb Live at Funky Town, F.A.R.M. Fest 2014

Spankalicious featuring Honeycomb Live at Funky Town, F.A.R.M. Fest 2014

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