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Mix Mondays featuring New Mixes from Horizon Wireless, Of the Trees, Brightside, Beak Nasty & More (FREE DLs!!)

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by Kyle Taylor

This first “mix” is more of just a live set recording than it is an actual mix. While the whole set flows pretty much continuously, it comes to us from New York City jamtronica duo Horizon Wireless. These two have been dishing out the dance tunes all summer, whether it was at Summer Camp, New Jersey’s own Mint Green Music Festival, or last weekend’s Gathering of the Vibes, which this recording is taken from. The duo consists of DJ Harrison Waxenberg and drummer Sol Montaya, together delivering a unique dance performance that contorts the original tunes into new versions.

Horizon Wireless Soundcloud // Facebook

Horizon Wireless – “Live at Gathering of the Vibes 2014 (Sex on the Beach)” — FREE Download!!

Not only has the northeast been building an impressive arsenal of events, but the producers and musical acts in general in the area have been gaining some serious momentum, garnering new styles and insights. Portland, Maine producer Of the Trees has delivered some blissful new production- including his Threshold EP– as well as a few impressive mixes. His latest is the second edition of his “Selections Mixtape” series. Packed with everything from mellow hip-hop breaks to more bass-infused glitch-hop tracks, Of the Trees carries this one beginning to end with veracity. Be sure to catch him at the upcoming Great North music and arts festival.

Of the Trees Soundcloud // Facebook

Of the Trees – “Selections Vol. 2 Mixtape” — Full Tracklist

Another live set, this one also comes from a New York City local. With a dark and versatile approach to the deep bass sound, Brightside has been carrying his way through some impressive live performances and new releases this summer. Between putting out his new SoulShine EP and smashing audiences at both Summer Camp and F.A.R.M. Fest this year, he’s still on his way to perform at Bella Terra in New York, as well as Great North in Maine.. Although this recording only manages to capture a tid-bit of the epic velocity Brightside dished out at F.A.R.M. Fest, it’s still guaranteed to leave your jaw on the floor.

Brightside Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Brightside – “Live at FarmFest 2014” — FREE Download!!

It’s gratifying to see the funk rearing its face in all different regions of the world and the United States. Minnesota producer Beak Nasty has been setting our eardrums on fire lately with some deliciously funky beats. After laying it down at Infrasound this year, he’ll be returning to the stage at Summer Set this upcoming weekend. So just in time, Beak Nasty is hitting us with a funked out new mini mix. Just in time to carry us over for the rest of the week.

Beak Nasty Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter

Beak Nasty – “Chill Funk Mini Mix #1” — FREE Download!! // Full Tracklist

Thanks to Music Is Love we have this next mix. Throwing some west coast vibes our way are The OriGinAlz, a California duo twisting out some of the most glitchy and thumping future bass tracks. With delectable hip-hop drum kits and fast-moving synth patterns, this duo, who met at Burning Man in 2010, is now quickly climbing the ladders. This latest mix should be valid insight as to why.

The OriGinAlz Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

The OriGinAlz – “Music Is Love Promo Mix 008” — FREE Download!! // Full Tracklist

I first became aware of UK producer Breezer after his winter glitch-hop single “Infliction”. Showcasing an aggressive bass sound that still utilizes a large amount of hip-hop influence, Breezer now returns with an entire mix of some of his favorite tunes. Once again he’s able to suck us into a mix jam-packed with massive bass walls and glitchy sound design. He’s also once again hitting us with this one as a FREE download!

Breezer Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Breezer – “Blast ‘Em Mix Vol. 1” — FREE Download!! // Full Tracklist

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