Downtempo/Minimal / Electronic

Skytree – Ganesha EP (FREE DL!!) [Ambient//Electronica]


by Kyle Taylor

I have to admit to my own lack of awareness for international holiday, World Elephant Day. But it’s always heart-warming to see an artist, or anyone really, putting their skills toward a positive cause. New York producer and musician Skytree put together two new tracks, collectively amounting to over 15 minutes of new material. He put the new tunes- “Ganesha” and “Deep Time”- out through his Bandcamp at the “name your price” option. However, in considering this, it’s important to note that ALL proceeds from the release will be put toward protecting elephants, a worldwide endangered species, through World Animal Protection US.

The release finds further connection to the elephant, which it further hopes to pay tribute to. The artwork for the dual-track release was done by Archan Nair, an Indian visual artist. The sound design in both tracks also utilizes elephant vocalizations, elephant footsteps, and Ganesha mantras.

Skytree Bandcamp // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Skytree – Ganesha EP FREE Download!!/Donate

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