Electronic / Future Bass / Glitch-Hop/Electro Soul / Hip-Hop/Rap

David Starfire – Transformation EP (FREE DL!!) [Glitch-Hop//Bass]


Sending us some more love from California is David Starfire. The Los Angeles DJ and producer just dropped his new Transformation EP, which is up as a FREE download for the first three weeks. The four tracks contained on Transformation were originally intended for his Awakening album. However, with a stronger hip-hop backbone than most of the tracks on Awakening, Starfire has decided to package these four tracks separately. The different is evident making the separation appropriate. Each song settles into a more apparent hip-hop beat construction than most of the breakbeat work on the previous album. A consistent element across both releases, however, is the psychedelic-inspired sound design and synthesizer constructions. The songs carry steady, yet easing, progressions throughout, carrying the listener on a journey through twisted dark mazes of ever-changing structure.

David Starfire Website // Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter

David Starfire – Transformation EP FREE Download!!/Donate

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