Electronic / Future Bass / Hip-Hop/Rap

DJ Shadow – The Liquid Amber EP (+ “Ghost Town” FREE DL!!) [Future Bass//Hip-Hop]


by Kyle Taylor

The west coast has held a steady grip on the music world for some time now. With a constant flow of artistic ingenuity finding its release from the beautiful, sunny state, California has given us countless incredible musicians. San Francisco disc jockey and producer DJ Shadow has held his place at the forefront of hip-hop and breakbeat music. His progression over the years has carried him from instrumental hip-hop, to more minimally electronic trip-hop, and now into future bass. With the unveiling of his new label, Liquid Amber, Shadow is debuting his newest release: The Liquid Amber EP. Featuring two new original tracks from DJ Shadow, as well as a Machinedrum remix of Shadow’s “Six Days”.

The opening track, “Ghost Town” features a stronger bass influence. Opening with a glitch-based drum kit, an ambient synth work, it quickly launches into a more structured pattern, while still main obscure in its sound design. The track continues with steady progression throughout, maintaining a near-psychedelic journey that has become constantly present in Shadow’s work. The track is also available as a FREE download. The follow-up, “Mob”, showcases a stronger treble focus, once again carrying itself through steady rises and declines.

 DJ Shadow Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

DJ Shadow – The Liquid Amber EP “Ghost Town” FREE Download!!

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