Electronic / Future Bass / Hip-Hop/Rap

Glitch Squad – Re-Fried Monk EP (FREE DL!!) [Future Bass//IDM]


The Glitch Squad is back at it. The Philadelphia collective has once again come together to mix up one crazy cocktail of eclectic electronic arrangements. The follow-up to Fried Monk‘s debut self-titled EP, the Re-Fried Monk EP presents new interpretations of each track from plenty of our Glitch Squad favorites. Label co-founders Architekt and Jack Deezl weigh in with their own remixes, as well as contributions from JXLbeats, Tilsonic, and <radioaddict>.

Perhaps more interesting than the remixes themselves, is the direction each artist chose to take their remix. The remix EP immediately knocks the listener off guard, delivering an unforeseen tropical-feeling disco reinterpretation of “In Debt” from the Architekt, whom we generally know for smacking us with bass-layered dancefloor destroyers. The release lays out a gourmet buffet of intelligent electronic production and composition that nestles itself into upbeat melodies and positive vibrations. Future bass, glitch and hip-hop remain the most apparent influences for the Glitch Squad, yet each artist continues to carve in their own style; something we can always count on them for.

Fried Monk Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook

Glitch Squad Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter

Glitch Squad – Re-Fried Monk EP (Remixes) — FREE Download!!/Donate

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