Electronic / Glitch-Hop/Electro Soul

Trey Songz – “NaNa (Unlimited Aspect Remix)” (FREE DL!!) [Glitch-Hop//Bass]


by Kyle Taylor

Sometimes producers are best working on their own. Sometimes producers work best with a constant rotation of different artists collaborating on tracks. And sometimes, two producers have such great chemistry together that they can birth an entirely new project straight out of their ideas blending together so cleanly. This is the case for Unlimited Aspect, a Colorado jamtronica duo consisting of ProJect Aspect and Unlimited Gravity. Both artists have achieved their own level of notoriety through countless incredible releases on 1320 RecordsThe two have, however, also since teamed up for the Unlimited Aspect project. The duo released their debut album. BASSASS!in 2013, and have been building their live performances to include a wide range of live instrumentation, including guitar, drums, and saxophone.

This new remix comes at the perfect time to round out the summer. It lends a spicy bassed out new perspective to the original track, layered with bubbling synthesizers and grinding basslines. After catching the duo at FARMFest 2014, it’s sure to say that this is just one of many new Unlimited Aspect releases we’ll be seeing this year.

For more on the duo, be sure to check out our artist spotlight on Unlimited Aspect, and interview with ProJect Aspect. Read both HERE.

Unlimited Aspect Soundcloud // Facebook

Trey Songz – “NaNa (Unlimited Aspect Remix)” — FREE Download!!

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