Electronic / Glitch-Hop/Electro Soul / Jazz/Funk

Civilian Sol – When Tomorrow Comes (FREE Album!!) [Electro Soul//Glitch-Hop]


by Kyle Taylor

Gravitas Records has consistently shown an aggressively progressive perspective to the electronic music world. Their releases are steady, and even more importantly, always quality. The label has served home to multiple releases for a range of impressive artists, including ill-esha, Psymbionic, Zebbler Encanti Experience, Of the Trees, and more.

Most recently the Austin, Texas label released the newest album, When Tomorrow Comes, from electro soul producer Civilian Sol. From New Zealand, Civilian Sol’s sound reflects an airy and atmospheric style. The beats find their footing on rhythmic, yet refreshing drum patterns. A deep, gleeful synthesizer backing truly bring the songs their emotion though.

This is Civilian Sol’s third release and debut album, following up his Within Drops of a Waterfall EP and The White Wolf EP.

Civilian Sol Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook

Civilian Sol – When Tomorrow Comes FREE Download!!/Donate

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