Electronic / Future Bass / Hip-Hop/Rap

Dev79 & RVLVR – “Plinky Babie” (FREE DL!!) [Future Bass//Hip-Hop]


by Kyle Taylor

It’s always great to hear some interesting new noise coming out of Philadelphia. That seems to be pretty much always the case with the city’s local label, Seclusiasis Records.

This latest track comes from an incredible team-up. Dev79, co-owner of Seclusiasis (and several other labels, including Slit Jockey Recordswho also collaborated on the release), and RVLVR, formerly known as Speaker for the Dead, have covered an immense amount territory in the Philadelphia scene. Together the two have collaborated with an enormous amount of local musicians throughout the city’s network, not to mention the spread of ground they’ve covered with their production. Each has dabbled with a variety of styles, ranging from future bass to more hip-hop inspired tracks and beyond.

“Plinky Babie” utilizes some R&B style vocals over a deep sub level and hip-hop drum rolls. The track’s sound certainly lends itself to the “street bass” style that Seclusiasis often proposes for itself.

Dev79 Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

RVLVR Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter

Dev79 & RVLVR – “Plinky Babie” — FREE Download!!

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