Artist Spotlight / Electronic

Great North Artist Spotlight #1: Freddy Todd


by Kyle Taylor

Admittedly, there’s been a recent surge in glitch-fueled electronic music, particularly bass music. Between paths being forged for glitch-hop, future bass, and electro soul, a new generation of producers is taking form. The spectrum is constantly expanding, absorbing new minds, and unfortunately, at times resulting in a sound that, at times, seems somewhat contrived.

For Oakland producer Freddy Todd this is far from the case, however. There’s something intricately unique about his splattery beats, immediately removing any labels of association. It’s carefully chaotic. Todd’s tracks can break down into funky grooves or danceable synth-lines, but in the end each track will find itself contorted in a haphazard breakdown of composition.  There is no repetition of ideas, each song devoid of any familiar moments.

Originally from Detroit, Freddy Todd has been making waves for nearly five years with his gloriously sporadic noise. He briefly served a short stint with Grant Kwiecinski, aka GRiZ, in the production duo SplaTTerbox. The duo only released one live mix, which you can check out (and download FREEHERE. Todd’s career has continued to develop much further beyond this point though, building up a strong arsenal or originals, remixes, and collaborations. Beyond his work with GRiZ in SplaTTerbox, Todd has also collaborated with Thriftworks, Robotic Pirate Monkey, Samples, Russ Liquid, ill-esha, to name just a few.

It’s not often the east coast gets a visit from this particular master of glitch, but that’s just extra reason for Todd to be bringing the heat during his set at Great North 2014. With a new album in close sight- Golden Tremendous, due for a September 9th release- through Gramatik‘s label, Lowtemp Music, the set is sure to feature plenty of new tunes mixed with a strong variety of Todd’s entire library. The first single, “Let Me (awesome)”, is just a teasing peak into what promises to be a glorious new assortment of tracks hitting us this Tuesday.

Freddy Todd Website // Bandcamp // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

 Freddy Todd – “Let Me (awesome)”

Freddy Todd – “Delic Licious” — FREE Download!!

Mr. Bill – “Cerebellum Serenade (Freddy Todd Remix)” — Buy on Beatport

Freddy Todd – “Grip Platter” — Buy on Additech

The Coop – “Loose Chains (Freddy Todd Remix)” — FREE Download!!

SplaTTerbox (Freddy Todd + GRiZ) – “Live at Kinetik Playground” [05.08.2011] — FREE Download!!

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