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Mix Mondays feat. New Mixes from Excision, Tycho, Jack Deezl & More (FREE DLs!!)

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The weather finally looks like it’s starting to cool off today. That can only mean one thing: summer’s almost over. Now, while this is upsetting in a lot of ways, there are still definitely some truly positive aspects to it. One of the biggest positives: tons (and I mean TONS) of new mixes from all sorts of incredible musicians. This week on Mix Mondays you can be sure to plenty of mixes and sets from your a broad selection of our favorite artists. Many of them may even take you back to some of those splendid summer memories.

With such a humongous selection of new mixes this week, it only makes sense to start with the heaviest, and the hardest. Any bass music fan should be, at this point, well familiar with Canadian basslord Excision‘s annual Shambhala mixes. After decimating the crowd each year at Shambhala Music Festival, Ex is always sure to make sure the rest of us can get at least a peek into the massacre that took place. So it’s finally that time of year, and we have the new “Shambhala 2014 Mix”. The mix keeps up with the recent talk that dubstep is still pulsating with plenty of life. Probably the most exciting part however is a select few new original tracks and collaborations from Excision. Possible release in 2014 or 2015? Let’s hope so.
Plus if you’re really dying for any of the tracks from this mix, you can grab them each individually on iTunes or Beatport here.

Excision Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Excision – “Shambhala 2014 Mix” — FREE Download!! // Full Tracklist

Now let’s move to the complete opposite of the electronic music spectrum (because that makes sense, right?). Of course another humongous festival that’s been garnering a lot of talk for itself recently is Burning Man. With an incredible amount of remarkable artists and musicians collaborating through the event, it’s understandable why the hype exists. The desert festival brings in countless performers from all over. Ambient producer and musician Scott Hansen (aka Tycho) took to the stage this year. Although in recent years Hansen has been touring with the Tycho project as a three-piece band, he has been- in recent months- seeming to narrow his focus back to DJ sets for a while. A few weeks ago we got his “Dazed Mix”,  and now Hansen is back with a fresh recording of his sunrise DJ set from Burning Man, which is full of flickering noise.

Tycho Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Tycho – “Sunrise DJ Set @ Burning Man 2014” — Full Tracklist

Of course it’s important to get in some local noise. So we turn to the Philadelphia electronic mastermind Jack Deezl for our next contribution for this week. It’s been a while since we’ve had a new mix from Deezl, so this one comes at the perfect time. It’s consistently interesting to hear what Deezl is bumping in his mixes. The local producer and DJ is constantly channeling new perspectives through peculiar beats and rhythms. As a result, his sets remain lively and steadily refreshing, ceaselessly finding new ground.

Jack Deezl Soundcloud // Facebook

Jack Deezl – “Jack Deezl’s 2014 Mix” — FREE Download!! // Full Tracklist

For our next mix we turn back to some more Burning Man inspired noise. This one comes from Los Angeles producer MORiLLO. While this isn’t MORiLLO’s set taken directly from his appearance in the Nevada desert this summer, it still gathers many of the same tracks from the set. Instead, MORiLLO has used the tracklist to form a completely new and original mix for our ears. The mix is packed with plenty of hip-hop inspired, bass-backed thumping tracks. It borders on being too typically west coast in sound, but often saves itself with tracks that blow the stereotypical perspective out of the water.

MORiLLO Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

MORiLLO – “Burning Man Decom Mixtape 2014” — FREE Download!!

For our last two mixes, we come back full circle right to where we started. Heavy bass music and mixes from our glorious northern neighbor: Canada. Of course, Getter hails from the US (specifically the west coast), but this mix also comes the mighty Shambhala Music Festival. While Getter took the same bass-destroyer approach, his set still takes quite a different stance than Excision’s, relying more on deep bass and more classically inspired dubstep tracks. There’s still plenty of heavy-hitters to be heard throughout the mix, but at times it also becomes easy to forget that this mix is coming out of 2014.

Getter – Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Getter – “Shambhala 2014 Mix” — FREE Download!! // Full Tracklist

Finally we round out this massive Mix Monday with one truly massive mix. After their recent Correlations EP, the collaborative team of Dr. Ozi and Twofold came together one last time to serve up a mix in accompaniment for their recent release. The new mix manages to pull in plenty of new tracks from each artist, of course leaning on the recent two-track EP.

Dr. Ozi Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Twofold Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Dr. Ozi x Twofold – “Correlations Mix” — FREE Download!!

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