Downtempo/Minimal / Electronic

Skytree – Yggdrasil EP (FREE DL!!) [Ambient//IDM]


by Kyle Taylor

There’s something mysteriously beautiful about Skytree‘s music. It’s able to creep its way into the skin, up through the brain, and deep into the soul. Evan Snyder’s (Skytree) music has always been able to justify a unique lens of perspective. Organic elements feed into tribal drum lines, all melding with minimal electronic elements. The result is a flowing ambient sound that hinges on the border of nature’s beauty and a fantastical new realm.

It’s been a big year for Skytree. Certainly in regards to his releases. The New York producer has already hit us with the free Neverending Story Tribute EP back in March. He then kicked off the summer with his latest full-length album, Cirrus Sapiens. With the end of the summer, Skytree brought us the Ganesha EP, featuring two new tracks in celebration of World Elephant Day.

Much to my surprise, I awoke today to discover even more new Skytree material beckoning for my eardrums. The new Yggdrasil EP is actually an old one. I was initially befuddled by the fact that Skytree could have already completed and released a new album since Cirrus Sapiens n May. The new EP is however, actually Skytree’s first project ever. The EP was completed when he was 19 years old, soon after donning the Skytree name. Coming in at 13 tracks, Yggdrasil provides a collection of short glimpses into ideas and concepts.

Skytree Bandcamp // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Skytree – Yggdrasil EP FREE Download!!/Name Your Price

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