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SunSquabi – Summer 2014 Remix EP (FREE DL!!) [Jam//Electronica]


by Kyle Taylor

Every once and a while you get that perfect combination of electronic and rock elements melded together so smoothly and flawlessly that it’s nothing short of heaven to the ears. This seems to be just about always the case with Colorado jamtronica group SunSquabi. The three piece band- consisting of Kevin Donahue (guitar/keys/production), Andrew Clymer (bass/synths) and Chris Anderson (drums)- has been bringing a heavy fusion of shredding organic elements blissfully intertwined with smashing electronic elements.

After a huge summer of touring, and a successful previous year (including the release of the band’s latest album, Fundamental Interaction), SunSquabi is rounding out the summer with a few more new tunes. Fans of the band may have already heard teasers for a few of these tracks, particularly the Phil Collins remix, but we’re excited today to present the Summer 2014 Remix EP from SunSquabi. With three wonderful selections, the trio twists each into a crushing new, dance-fueled tune.

SunSquabi Soundcloud // BandCamp // Facebook // Twitter

SunSquabi – The Remix Compilation EP — FREE Download!!/Name Your Price

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