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The Werks – Mr. Smalls Sessions (FREE Album!!) [Rock//Funk]


A lot of Ohio-ians consider the state part of the Midwest rather than the northeast. Nonetheless, it’s still one of Pennsylvania’s neighbors. That’s all really beside the point, because the truth is where an act’s from plays no part into their quality. Well Ohio jam band, funk band, psychedelic rock band (I could go on), and so much more, The Werks just shot us out a gift from across the Ohio border. After another successful year of touring, the band decided to give back some FREE love to the fans. Now what’s truly fantastic about this is that we don’t just have a free new song, but an entire album. With 7 tracks, the new album, Mr. Smalls Sessions, clocks in at just over 40 minutes of non-stop musical persuasion.

And be sure to keep your eye out for The Werks here in Philadelphia. They’ll be teaming up with Zoogma for a co-headlining show at Underground Arts on Thursday, November 13th. Full details HERE.

The Werks Website // Bandcamp // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

The Werks – Mr. Smalls Sessions — FREE Download!!/Donate

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