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Funkadelphia Exclusive: Jack Deezl – Bootlegs Vol. 1 [Future Bass//Glitch-Hop]


by Kyle Taylor

Artistic progression is always an interesting subject, and sometimes even a touchy one. Philadelphia producer and multi-instrumentalist Drew Mercadante’s project Jack Deezl has certainly seen plenty of progression through sound techniques and ideas since its inception just 4 years ago. In a time when dubstep was running rampant across the United States, Deezl’s sound settled on origins that blended dubstep, glitch-hop and other forms of bass with in an oddly unique fashion. Since, his career has taken him through an exploration of countless genres throughout the electronic world.

With the launch of digital recording label/artist collective Glitch Squad in the Fall of 2012, Mercadante began to explore new channels of ideas. The past two years have taken him through deep house, nu-disco, hip-hop, future bass and various fusions as well as beyond.

So it seems only fitting that we’d team up once again with the Philadelphia native on his latest release. The Bootlegs Vol. 1 EP features four new track that seem reminiscent of Deezl’s early days. The beats rely heavily on breakbeat and two-step compositions. The sound design, strongly bass driven, with a thick wavering underlayer that makes itself known, but not in any obnoxious fashion. The synthesizers really drive each track though, introducing intricate, steadily developing melodies that humbly find originality.

Perhaps the most enchanting thing about this release is the track selection for each remix. Mercadante’s band inspirations and history show through consistently in his music. The implementation of organic instrumental elements blended with unique sound design combine for the perfect harmony. With remixes of songs from Flying Lotus, Tame Impala, Dntel and Real Cosby, Mercandante’s influence from such artists can easily be seen, combining a thoughtful approach and electronic elements.

Jack Deezl Bandcamp // Soundcloud // Facebook

Jack Deezl – Bootlegs Vol. 1 EP


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