Artist Spotlight

Great North Artist Spotlight #2: Psymbionic


by Kyle Taylor

The music world (and the art world in general for that matter) is already full of creatively inspired people. However, bringing more energetic and determined minds to the table never hurts. John Burcham, aka Psymbionic, seems to carry that attitude with him everywhere. With an already extensive collection of tunes- including numerous collaborations- Psymbionic is constantly putting time into mesmerizing new tunes to upgrade his arsenal.

Co-owner of Texas based label Gravitas Recordings, Burcham is also doing his part to call attention to independent new artists, especially those with creative direction. The label has released albums and EPs for multiple artists performing at Great North Music & Arts Festival 2014, including ill-esha, D.V.S* and Of the Trees. Channeling an insightful perspective through the electronic music lens, Gravitas Recordings reflects the same ingenuity that can be heard steadily flowing through Psymbionic’s own music.

Both the label and Burcham have seen a productive year thus far. Psymbionic released his two part Parallels EP series (check out Part I: Storm HERE and Part II: Eye HERE), giving forth a collection of new material ranging from serene ambience to glitchy dub and future bass.

Psymbionic Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Psymbionic – “How I Am Not Myself” (feat. Govinda) — FREE Download!!

Psymbionic – “Slither” — FREE Download!!

Incubus  “Stellar (Psymbionic Remix)” — FREE Download!!

Psymbionic – “Coagulate” — Buy on iTunes

Psymbionic – “Space Monkey (Psymbionic Remix)” — FREE Download!!

Psymbionic – “Wanderlust Mixtape” — FREE Download!! // Full Tracklist

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