Festival Preview: Infrasound Equinox 2014

InfraEquinox 2014

Infrasound Equinox 2014Official Website // Buy Tickets // Event Page

We enjoyed Infrasound back in June so much that Funkadelphia will be represented at their secondary festival Infrasound Equinox next weekend September 18-21st! The Infrasound family has been hard at work getting prepared for Equinox as well as launching Infrasound Oscillation, their transformational event series. Infrasound Oscillation will have it’s debut show the weekend after Equinox (September 27th) at the Portage Theater in Chicago featuring sound-engineering legend Dave Tipper! These guys really know how to put together a great time consisting of revolutionary good music, wonderful people, and beautiful vibes.

Just like back in June, Equinox will be located in lovely Black River Falls, Wisconsin. The lineup for equinox offers a delightful blend of heavy Psychedelic Bass, ethereal Downtempo, unique Glitch and Trip-Hop, and nasty bone-crushing Dubstep. Kaminada and Desert Dwellers will be bring some smooth psychedelic glitch, while Random Rab will deliver some Trip-Hop and Downtempo (don’t miss his sunrise set!). You can expect some twisted and heavy Psychedelic Bass music from the always impressive EOTO as well as Andrelien (Heyoka). Be prepared to hang onto your face during the teeth shattering filth that is Trollphace, P0gMan, Coffi, and Bommer.

Luckily, some artists are doing multiple sets, so that should make it easier to be able to catch at least a little of every artist. Also, Equinox gives a couple of group artists a chance to perform their solo projects. We will be seeing solo sets from Trevor Moontribe and Amani of Desert Dwellers and EOTO’s Michael Travis. Jason Hann will also be performing his solo DJ project Prophet Massive. On the other hand, some individuals are coming together for bigger projects like Zilla, a supergroup composed of Michael Travis, Vibesquad, and Jamie Janover.

For a look at what the Infrasound family is all about check out the recap video from Infrasound 2014 back in June!

Infrasound Equinox 2014Official Website // Buy Tickets // Event Page

EOTO – Live in the Barn @ Summer Camp 2014 – FREE Download!

Kaminada- Ancestors and Guardians

Desert Dwellers – Live at Cervantes 2013 – FREE Download!!

Random Rab – “The Plastic People” , Morning Mix

Andrelien – MemeKast Mix

Trollphace- Thanks For the Support EP, “Bonesaw” (Trollphace Remix) – FREE Download!!

p0gman – “Elbowz” , “Fish and Chicks” – FREE Dowload!!

Coffi- “Who Dunnit”

Bommer- “Naughty” – FREE Download, “Hit Em”

Vibesquad – Spinning Gears and Making Things

Click any of the names below for more music from artists on the Equinox 2014 Lineup:

Bill Bless // Ill.Gates  // NastyNasty //  // JuJu  // Biome // The Flashbulb // The Magic Beans // Plantrae // Spankalicious // Shwex // Mumukshu  // Pleasure // The Car Thief // Shank Aaron // Sovereign Sect // Loom In Essence // Centrific // Blaze One // Beak Nasty // Supreme 

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