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Album Review: Moon Hooch – “This Is Cave Music”


by Kyle Taylor

The opening track of Moon Hooch‘s new album, This Is Cave Music, blasts us immediately with energetic saxophones. The song falls quickly into pace with many of the New York City trio’s previous works. “No. 6” delivers an explosive introduction, one that also firmly states: “this is Moon Hooch.”

While the opening song strongly wreaks of Moon Hooch’s signature sound, it also still bares plenty of originality. A deep bass sound murmurs its way out of the baritone sax partially through the song,  eventually leading into a screeching soprano line that almost mimics the high-pitched squeals of an electric guitar.

The album’s second track, “Mountain Song”, is what really sets the stage for the amount of originality pressed into these ten tracks though. Jostling snares make their way over a deep spacey under layer. Meanwhile, haunting faded vocals carry the track forward, eventually clashing into a wall of saxophone grooves.

Plenty of recognizably Moon Hooch moments linger throughout This Is Cave Music, but they only exist intermittently between investigations of new ideas. The album goes from jumpy and upbeat, to slow and soulful, to even deep and bassy, also featuring a much larger presence of vocals than the group’s previous album. The juxtaposition of dark, slow baritone layers against quick soprano tears creates a stripped down sound that still carries plenty of weight.

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