Artist Spotlight / Glitch-Hop/Electro Soul / Hip-Hop/Rap / Trap

Great North Artist Spotlight #3: The OriGinALz


There’s plenty of joyous vibes to be heard and received at Great North Music & Arts festival this year. From the feel-good rhythms of Melvin Seals & JGB, to the psychedelically divine beats of Tipper, to the funky grooves of GRiZ, there’s the perfect servings of everything you could possibly need.

The lineup’s immense amount of talent extends well beyond its headliners though. The OriGinALz are just one of many performers to be taking the stage at Great North this weekend that will be looking to do some dancing damage on the crowd. The West Coast duo kicks an immediately apparent west coast sound, but there’s nothing typical about it.

Heavily glitch-hop inspired, The OriGinALz production often builds itself of 808s and hi-hats. Yes, there’s definitely an incorporation of trap, but its so “OriGinALLy” used here that it works. While these guys fit in with other west coast acts such as Minnesota, G Jones and Perkulat0r, they still hold their ground with plenty of original sound design and freshly unique beats.

The duo’s latest album, Get Lucid, is now available as a FREE download (at the “name your price” option) through Gravitas Recordings.

The OriGinALz Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

The OriGinALz – “Holla'” — FREE Download!!

Jay-Z – “Can’t Knock the Hustle (The OriGinALz & Perkulat0r Remix)” — FREE Download!!

The OriGinALz – “Get Lucid” — FREE Download!! // Hear the Full Album

Outkast – “So Fresh So Clean (The OriGinALz Remix)” — FREE Download!!

The OriGinALz – “Float” — FREE Download!!

The OriGinALz – “Music Is Love Mix (Promo Mix 008)” — FREE Download!! // Full Tracklist

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