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Liquid Stranger – “Party Like Us” (FREE DL!!)

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by Kyle Taylor

I think it’s safe to say Liquid Stranger is nothing short of on a torrential rampage right now. The dark bass producer’s career has carried him through a variety of sounds and styles, experimenting with everything from low-bass downtempo to earth-shaking dubstep, drum & bass, and various hip-hop fusions. The past two summers have seen new exposure for the artist from his more minimal performances; however, he’s far from forgotten how to crank out some rattling bass rhythms.

Liquid Stranger has already churned out an impressive amount of new material this year. From the new single “Justice”, to multiple new albums including The Renegade Crusade EP and Anomaly series, to multiple mixes including the “Infusion Mix Vol. 1” and it’s second Shambhala Edition, there’s more than enough material out there to keep any fan satisfied. Today the Stranger returns with yet another new single for us. Coming in at seven minutes, “Party Like Us” is through a crashing ascension of twisted bass. The track carries itself through trap and dubstep sounds, melding the two together in a variety of ways.

Liquid Stranger Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Liquid Stranger – “Party Like Us” — FREE Download!!

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