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Funkadelphia Premier: Mr. Sampson – “Momentum” (FREE DL!!)

Mr. Sampson - Momentum                                                                            Album artwork by Nate Cluss

by Kyle Taylor

One of the most amazing aspects of music is that it just never stops. Old artists are constantly breaking new ground, and new artists are ceaselessly on the rise. Being the birthplace of such jamtronica acts as Lotus and The Disco Biscuits, Philadelphia has had a thriving culture of musicians experimenting with electronic elements.

Local group Mr. Sampson has been on the come up lately. Led by Joe Haederle, producer of all the project’s tracks, the four piece acts takes their sound all across the jamtronica and electronic spectrums. At times, their songs fade into immense electronic bliss, while other times dwelling more in its organic aspects.

The group premiers their latest single, “Momentum”, today, featuring throttling bass undertones. The new track carries itself beautifully along its production, sinking into whirling synthesizers, hip-hop samples, scratches, and a variety of other musical elements. It’s almost impossible to pinpoint just all the characteristics of the track, but what’s undeniable is just how fantastically they work together.

Mr. Sampson Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook

Funkadelphia Premier: Mr. Sampson – “Momentum” — FREE Download!!

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