Electronic / Future Bass

Crystal Fighters – “Love Alight (Aquadrop Remix)”

Screenshot (39)

The future bass sound has made leaps and stride over the past couple years. With plenty of producers bringing their own thoughts to the genre, future bass is constantly breaking new ground and treading new territory. Italian producer Aquadrop is back today with a brand new future bass tune that’ll leave your jaw firmly resting on the floor. With hip-hop drum kicks, and one hugely melodic wall of sound, the track strikes a familiarity to work from such artists as Flume and Rustie. Aquadrop utilizes the original track to contort his remix into a purely unique creation. The vocals from Crystal Fighters still show through beautifully, carrying the track through its less production-driven sections. With a steadily progressing beat that takes its tempos up and down unpredictably, the track moves along gliding sound design.

Aquadrop Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter

Crystal Fighters – “Love Alight (Aquadrop Remix)” — Buy on iTunes

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