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Album Review: Kalya Scintilla – Open Ancient Eyes


By Anthony Salupo

Kalya Scinitlla has been able to recreate himself as a shaman of good, a healer, and a spiritual guide through his ability to produce truly enlightening music. His newest album, Open Ancient Eyes, is not only gift to our ears but our minds, hearts, and souls as well. Kalya uses modern day sound design to intelligently reconstruct a unique tribal atmosphere. This ancient aura his music creates engulfs you as it brings you back to a time before most of our common daily stresses even existed.

He includes a mix of the entire album at the end of the collection, emphasizing how this album is supposed to be experienced as a whole, as a journey. This outward musical stimulus encourages the listener to also journey inward, to possibly escape reality even if only for a brief moment. Kalya also introduces some spoken word into this album by Eve Olution. This aspect of the album challenges the listener to try to understand the music, and possibly themselves, a little bit more. Furthermore, the spoken word can also be used as a vocal guide for using this album in synchronization with meditation. 

While Open Ancient Eyes journeys through your psyche, it also takes you on a journey across the globe. Styles of music from different cultures around the world can be heard throughout the album. In “Eastern Opulence,” you can feel the influence of far eastern Asian cultures, while “Ver La Luz” has a much more Spanish or Latin-American vibe. Another track on the album, “Scintillating Sands”, has an Arabian infusion with wonderful violin and viola accompaniment by Jaskaran.

This piece is so much more than an album. It is a true work of art that resonates with the purest form of human being that we are capable of feeling, but only if we search deep down inside ourselves. This album is very dense with so much to discover. Make sure you take some time to really enjoy this masterpiece.

And if you want to experience Kalya’s music live, you can catch him alongside Eve Olution with visuals by the great Johnathan Singer at the Skyway Theater in Minneapolis, Minnesota on November 1st; brought to you by the wonderful people at Infrasound Oscillation!

Kalya ScintillaSoundcloud // Facebook // Bandcamp

Kalya Scintilla – Open Ancient EyesBuy on Bandcamp

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