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Des McMahon – Below Zero / Collapsed / Scattered (FREE DL!!)

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by Kyle Taylor

It’s always satisfying to see an artist step out of their comfort zone. True, it can be frustrating at times to hear an artist move on from the sound we associate them with, but it’s commendable for an artist to try new things. Isn’t that what being an artist is really about anyway?

Today Philadelphia producer Des McMahon hits us with what’s arguably one of his best releases to date. A three track release, the Below Zero EP (as we’ll call it for sake of simplification) showcases a dark, yet smooth bass sound. With glitch and dubstep elements, the release finds relation to artists such as KOAN Sound and Asa. “Below Zero” introduces a hard-hitting drum kit, soon delivering a hard wave of wavering bass. “Collapsed” and “Scattered” deliver a more rhythmic sound, finding melodic undertones that carry each track through on layers of what can only be described as sound beauty.

Des McMahon Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Des McMahon – Below Zero/Collapsed/Scattered 

Funkadelphia Pick: “Scattered”

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