Bass / Electronic / Garage

Hecka – I Got Trust Issues


by Kyle Taylor

Thus far it’s been nothing short of an incredible year for music. At the end of last week, Hecka (alter ego of  Salt Lake City producer Grimblee) unleashed another furious album to the world. The album, I Got Trust Issues, like much of Hecka’s work, focuses around a more garage centered sound. While the Grimblee project tends to have a more aggressive, darker sound, with a stronger dubstep focus, the similar quality between the projects is the strength in quality.

The sound design throughout all of either project’s catalogs remain constantly fresh. That quality remains true on Hecka’s new album, introducing new sounds, as well as applications for them, from track to track. The drum patterns show the same level of ingenuity, progressing through each song with a dynamic approach.

Hecka (Grimblee) Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter

Hecka – I Got Trust Issues Buy on Bandcamp

Funkadelphia Picks: “Digital Games”, “Extraterrestrial Booty” & “Galaxy Drugs”

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