The Underwater Sounds – Visions of Love & Light Pt. 1 EP


If there’s one thing to say about the Philadelphia music scene, it’s that the city has an never-ending amount of versatility. Local reggae band The Underwater Sounds just put out their latest album. The Visions of Love & Light EP has a flowing dub sound. Each track finds itself creeping along slow-kicking drums and airy guitar riffs that seem to fade seamlessly into space. Lead vocalist Sonni Shine’s words find a delicate perch atop each groove, carrying the song forward blissfully. The Underwater Sounds keeps a sound that pays heavy tribute to reggae’s early years and roots, while still incorporating plenty of modern flavor to the keep the tracks fresh and enticing.

The group will hold their album release party for the EP this Friday, October 3rd at North Star Bar. Get full details on the show HERE.

And enter for a chance to win 2 tickets to the show, a copy of the EP, and a poster signed by the band HERE.

The Underwater Sounds Website // Bandcamp // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

The Underwater Sounds – Visions of Love & Light Pt. 1 EP Buy on Bandcamp

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