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Terravita – “Raw Dog” + Fuel To the Fire EP Announcement

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by Kyle Taylor

Plenty of producers have tapered off from releasing as much heavy bass. But as has been proved time and time again, that’s certainly not the case for everyone. Terravita is just one of a few names that has refused to cease their delivery of face-pummeling noise annihilation. The Los Angeles trio (originally from New England) have spun their own perspective of grime into everything from dubstep, to drum & bass, trap, and moombahcore.

Terravita just announced their new Fuel To the Fire EP, which is slated for an October 14th release. Like the group’s last few releases, the EP will be carried by Firepower Records, whom we can always count on for some nicely, nasty bass. In addition to announcing the new EP though, Terravita also dropped the first single for the release: “Raw Dog”, as well as the artwork for the EP. The track introduces a dancing melodic melody, but quickly tosses a relentless progressing bassline underneath. Together the pieces fuse to once again create that energetic, hard-hitting Terravita sound, spinning it into new ideas.

Terravita Website // Souncloud // Facebook // Twitter

Terravita – “Raw Dog” — Pre-Order Fuel To the Fire EP

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