Psy.Fi Dimension Volume 3: Hip-Hop (FREE Compilation!!)


by Kyle Taylor

Brand new beats straight from the streets of Philadelphia. Though these probably aren’t your typical beats. Local collective Psy.Fi Productions just put out their latest compilation in the Psy.Fi Dimension series. The collection focuses on hip-hop, but through a rather raw lens. Stripped down and loose, these songs find roots in everything from jazz to experimental electronic production. There’s a heavily organic feeling that shines throughout the entire compilation never losing appreciation for the satisfaction that comes from a real snare hit or guitar cord.

There’s plenty more here though than just some really intriguing beats. The featured vocalists are clearly selectively chosen, each lending equally insightful lyrics to their track. Themes form through psychedelic journeys, sarcastic riddles and mind-bending phrase constructions.

The complimentary nature of Philadelphia producers and vocalists coming on Psy.Fi Dimension Volume 3: Hip-Hop is impeccable. The album will suck you in from track one, a hard-hitting funk inspired track. From there each song grows more and more spacey, becoming increasingly detached from reality. If nothing else, it’s a reminder that hip-hop is far from dead.

Psy.Fi Productions Bandcamp // Facebook

Psy.Fi Productions – Psy.Fi Dimension Volume 3: Hip-Hop FREE Download!!/Donate

Funkadelphia Picks: (12) “Why Would You Want To”; (14) “Bright Tunnel”; (8) “Merlly’s Walls”; & (1) “Laid On Wax”

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