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The Human Experience – Embraced (FREE Album!!)

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by Kyle Taylor

The new album, Embraced, from The Human Experience is riddled with elements from various corners of the music world. The record revels in a collision of primal sounds, modern jazz, funk, and psychedelic inspired electronic underlayers. The album functions best as an entire piece of work, experienced in a single dose rather than spread thin over a couple listens of a few tracks at a time. The former is likely to result in your mind sinking deep into the blissful journey of this album.

Embraced offers a perfect title for the album. I’m sure for multiple reasons, but the most glaring seems to be the embrace of classical musical elements and modern perspective. The opening track in particular finds a heavily organic sound. As the album continues however, the increasing activity of production elements seem to creep into each track. By the fourth track, “Heavenly Bodies”, we’re left immersed in a cloud of faded, atmospheric vocals dancing amongst a gentle synth-line.

The record finds a perfect balance in its subtlety, carrying itself through a variety of emotions above all else. It’s so far removed from any typical electronic work that it should be removed from any consideration in that manner. Instead it operates as an album that tells a story or takes the listener on a journey.

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The Human Experience – Embraced FREE Download!!/Donate

Funkadelphia Picks: “Heavenly Bodies”, “Jazzzz In Ya Bones”, “Pickin’ On Series” & “Beads on the Wind (T.H.E. Remix)”

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