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Crywolf & Ianborg – “Runaway” (FREE DL!!)


by Kyle Taylor

There are fewer and fewer producers who seem capable of melding euphoric melodies with hard-hitting basslines effectively. Los Angeles producer and vocalist Crywolf has always proved up to the challenge though, and with each tune he delivers a new masterpiece. His latest single, a new collaboration with Ianborg, delivers once again.

There’s no dirt or filth mixed in, just airy vocals dancing along beautiful faded synthesizers and gorgeous organic samples. “Runaway” utilizes chopped vocal samples to create a head-spinning intro before delivering a rattling drum beat and those ever heart-warming vocals.  A string section carries the track through a crescendo, leading it into a barrier of ambient, yet still crushing, noise.

The track will serve as the first single for the collaborative duo’s upcoming Runaway EP, which is set for a November 11th release.

Crywolf Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Ianborg Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Crywolf & Ianborg – “Runaway” — FREE Download!!

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