THA RIVA – “This Life” (New Official Music Video)


by Kyle Taylor

It’s certainly become a bit difficult to find quality hip-hop these days; especially with an industry that’s obsessed with marketing artists that only talk about partying, money, and women. The positive side is that because of this, hip-hop artists giving an honest and real perspective become clear stand-outs.

Local Philadelphia artist THA RIVA is certainly doing his part to keep hip-hop alive, and in all the right ways. His newest single, “This Life”, offers a fresh, chilled out vibe. The beat is funky and original, relying heavily on acoustic instrumental elements (something rare for a time when hip-hop beats seem dominated by trivial, repetitive electronic 808s and trap beats); the flow is smooth and calm. There’s definitely nobody shouting straight into your eardrum telling you what you should do.

The official music video for the new track just dropped. The video draws inspiration from two famous films: “Pulp Fiction” and “Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas”. Aside from the quick allusions in the beginning of the video, THA RIVA spends the rest of his time on screen showing what life’s really about. The video creates an honest perspective of a young artist having fun on a warm afternoon, rather than a fantastical Hollywood interpretation.

THA RIVA Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

THA RIVA – “This Life” [Official Music Video]

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