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Mix Mondays feat. New Mixes from Ageless, Stylust Beats, P0gman, London Nebel & More | FREE DLs!!

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by Kyle Taylor

We’ll start the week off a little bit light, and a whole lot of funky. New York producer Ageless dishes up a hefty serving of grooving tunes in his newest mix: “Philos Records Greatest Hits”. The mix pulls tracks from not only the full spectrum of Ageless’ own catalog, but also that of all his Philos Records affiliates. With such a plentiful selection of tracks to choose from, Ageless does a stupendous job of showcasing just how diverse and inventive the label truly is.

Ageless Website // Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter

Ageless – “Philos Records Greatest Hits Mix” — FREE Download!!

Next up we’ve got yet another huge set from this year’s Shambhala Music FestivalThus far we’ve already seen live mixes from Excision, Liquid StrangerGetter, Freddy Todd, and SOULULAR; but, today California bass artist Stylust Beats is raising the stakes yet again. With a constantly progressive outlook on trap and future bass, Stylust Beats’ sets are always full of endless surprises, and this latest mix is no exception.

Stylust Beats Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Stylust Beats – “Live at The Village Stage, Shambhala 2014” — FREE Download!! // Alt. Download

From here we take it way, way down into the bass world for these next few mixes. First up is UK producer P0gman, whose got a relentless new mix packed with plenty of ferocity and tones of crunch bass-lines. P0gman’s constantly unique sound design keeps his production ever lively, never ceasing to smashing new goods.

P0gman Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

P0gman – “50 Hurtz Promo Mix” — FREE Download!!

Another duo from across the Atlantic, London Nebel is next up for this week’s mix series. Ready to embark on a new U.S. tour, the German team of basstronauts are back with a mix that will help you make the right decision of grabbing tickets to their closest show. The new mix is loaded with plenty of London Nebel originals, remixes, and countless massive collabs.

London Nebel Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

London Nebel – “U.S. Winter Tour Promo Mix”

Finally we cap the week off with a fresh new mix of slaughtering bass tunes from the canniBOSS. This local DJ has just started to get his sounds out to the world, but he’s already showing off a heavy arsenal of face-melters.

canniBOSS Soundcloud

canniBOSS – “Yo You Hear This Sh*t Vol. 2”




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