Electronic / Jam/Jamtronica

D.V.S* – “We Could Be Better” + New Album Announcement


by Kyle Taylor

A good mark of a truly talented musician is the ability to experiment with endless different ideas, especially while maintaining a staple of originality. Austin, Texas musician Derek Van Scoten, commonly known as D.V.S*, has flexed an exemplary understanding of this. The producer/guitarist has carried his unique, gentle sound through countless genres, most often fusing multiple together within a single composition.

With his latest single, “We Could Be Better”, D.V.S* creates a very loungey atmosphere. The track engulfs itself in a steady crescendo of ambient layers, slowly gaining momentum atop an almost hidden guitar section. The new tune is the first single from D.V.S*’s latest album, “Comfort Zone”, which drops on Loci Records this winter- Tuesday, December 9th.

D.V.S* Website // Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter

D.V.S* – “We Could Be Better” [Forthcoming on “Comfort Zone”; Loci Records; 12/09/2014]


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