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Vibe Street – “Full Moon Funk Mix” [Funkadelphia Exclusive Premier]


by Kyle Taylor

Vibe Street‘s determination for redefining the electronic sound is unmistakable. The grass-hop mad scientist is back at it with a brand new mix, taken fresh from the production oven and served straight to your eardrums. The mix pulls together plenty of Vibe Street classics and favorites; but, with a new EP soon on the way, Ben Davis (Vibe Street) has also slipped in a few new flavors as well. The “Full Moon Funk Mix” features three unreleased tracks from Vibe Street, all of which will appear on his latest forthcoming She Makes Me Feel EP.

Although his debut album, The Road to Something Perfect just hit the world earlier this year, Vibe Street has still been putting some serious crunch time in at his studio. It’s not even 2015 yet, and already we’ve seen the follow-up Keep On the Grass EP, as well as receiving this stupendous news of yet another EP. If you aren’t already catching the grooves from the mix, the new EP looks to offer heavier production than we’ve thus far heard from Vibe Street, while still maintaining his glowing vibes. Until its release though, you’ll probably just want to keep this mix on repeat.

If you’re still itching for more grass-hop madness after this one, be sure to sink into the mellow rhythms of Vibe Street’s “Fall Feels Mix” as well. Vibe Street will also be making his Philadelphia debut this winter alongside Brightside, Face Plant and FireJay at Kung Fu Necktie on Thursday, December 11th (event is 21+).

Vibe Street – Website // Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter

Funkadelphia Exclusive Premier: Vibe Street – “Full Moon Funk Mix”

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