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Tsimba – “Dis” [Funkadelphia Exclusive Premier] | FREE DL

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by Kyle Taylor

The North East has been really showing a vengeance for intelligent beats and production recently. The electronic scene has been on a rise all throughout the region, gaining momentum in major cities such as Philadelphia, New York, Boston, Baltimore, and all areas in between.

Today we take a look at a relatively young project blasting its sound waves out of New Haven, Connecticut. Tsimba is the alter ego of Mark Evans Musto, an outlet to parade complex compositions through progressing production lines. His latest single, “Dis”, shows no real sign of repetition- it doesn’t fall into the classic flaw of a basically structured dance track.

The track sends vocal samples immediately spinning, soon catching them on a deep bass beat. Organically inspired synthesizer layers then infiltrate the composition, moving the track between a shuffle of different drum kits. No part of “Dis” hits the ears predictably; instead, the track seems to take pride in catching the listener off guard with steady development.

Tsimba Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook

Tsimba – “Dis” — Direct Download [FREE!!] // Alt. Link

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