Bass / Electronic / Future Bass / Hip-Hop/Rap

Starkey – “BA66” EP


by Kyle Taylor

Philadelphia producer Starkey is back with a humongous new release through the mighty SMOG Records. Starkey’s deep future bass sound is one that is both eclectic and original. What’s even more impressive is that he hasn’t just been doing it for the past few months or years. Even with the recent explosion of hip-hop inspired bass music, Starkey’s now has stayed at the top of the list quite easily, and for good reason. Starkey has collaborated with countless artists and seen releases on numerous- including his own label, Seclusiasis (which he co-owns with Dev79). That is, all since his first few releases back in 2004.

With the growing demand of future bass and trap on the West Coast, the pairing of Starkey and SMOG really seems pretty logical- and the result is pretty darn fantastic, too. The new “BA66” EP features a different hip-hop guest vocalist on each track, layering the laid-back rhymes against some really scratchy and crunchy bass backdrops.

Starkey – Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Starkey – “BA66” EP [SMOG063] — Buy on Beatport // Buy on iTunes

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